Unforgettable Sights to See on London City Tour

London is the ultimate destination for your holiday plans! The city of London is not at all new to anyone; we’ve been singing the city’s glory since our nursery times. When it comes down to visiting the city for real, it is a much more exhilarating view. Nestled on the River Thames of England, London is by far the most thrilling and awe striking tourist destination till date. There is a magnetic blend of some lavish history, modern architecture, upscale facilities and ubiquitous energy.

The city is huge enough to cover up a good travel plan for a week or even more. And with so much at offer, investing in the airfares would be your last option. Luckily, you can save up on that money by buying cheap flight tickets to the London Heathrow airport, one of the busiest airports by the number of international passengers! Since there is a lot of explore in the city, wisely plan your trip providing undivided attention to the cityscape, historical landmarks, parks and zoos as well as the shopping zones!!!!

Full London Panoramic Tour

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1. British Museum: Not only is this one of London’s top attractions, but it is also totally free. You can see cool exhibits like the Rosetta Stone, the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, and beautiful Aztec mosaic masks.

2. Borough Market: South of the river, this food-lover’s paradise has been around since the 13th century. Open Thursday to Saturday. Don’t miss it.

3. St. Paul’s Church: While St. Paul’s Cathedral may charge a ticket price to get in, this church on the western flank of Covent Garden Piazza is known as the actor’s church and is home to memorials for Charlie Chaplin and Vivien Leigh.

4. Whitechapel Gallery: First opened in 1899, this art nouveau building is home to 10 different galleries. Picasso’s Guernica was first displayed here in 1939. On Thursdays and some Fridays you can enjoy music and readings. There is also a really cool café here.

5. Temple Church: Having a key role in the DaVinci Code, this is a must see. Built by crusading monks, this church is immersed in historical mystery.

6. Science Museum: Seven floor of exhibits, the Science Museum offers such cool displays as flight simulators, hot-air balloons and steam locomotives.

7. Photographer’s Gallery: Located in the West End, this is an amazing contemporary photo exhibition.

8. National Maritime Museum: Located in Greenwich, this great museum features topics on Britain’s seafaring past.